Wordrobe Design

Wordrobe Design In Ghaziabad & Delhi/NCR

Wardrobes play a very significant role in interior décor as they play an integral part in space management in our homes, and to some extent also showcase your lifestyle choices. Since time unknown, the infamous wardrobe that led to Narnia captivated our childhood imagination, and when we grew up, Carrie’s enormous walk-in wardrobes became a part of everyone’s fantasy and frankly nobody can be blamed for that!

To make your adolescent dream come true, Design & Decor is here with an exceptional range of walk-in wardrobe designs for you to choose from, and make them your own. A walk-in wardrobe can be roughly defined as a large space that holds shelves and racks for keeping your clothes and shoes, in an organized and open manner, wherein you can walk into and choose your pick of the day. But truly speaking, a walk-in wardrobe is so much more than that. For anyone who loves to live a lavish lifestyle, clothes and accessories are an inevitable large part, and many a times a walk-in wardrobe is like their own small world inside their home.

There are many aspects to a walk-in wardrobe. Space planning, for and within a Walk-in wardrobe, depends on the installation space positioning and size respectively. There are numerous shelves to fit and cabinets to adjust, lightings to be put, floor carpets to be laid and above all a small central island station needs to be planned, for you to sit, relax and ponder upon your look for the day.